Srimanthudu Movie Review

Srimanthudu Movie Review

Srimanthudu Movie Review

Star Cast: Mahesh Babu, Shruti Haasan, Jagapathi Babu, Rajendra Prasad, Rahul Ravindran
Director: Koratala Siva
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Release Date: 7 August 2015

Srimanthudu Movie Review

– Stylish Movie with Strong Message

The story in one line – How the millionaire Ravi’s (Jagapathi Babu) son Harsha (Mahesh Babu) denies taking over his father’s business empire, and proceeds to serve the people of his rural village by adopting it.

Does it sound like a message oriented film ? Yes, it is, but with all possible commercial elements.

Its an emotional story with emphasis on rural villages and family relations. Mahesh Babu did full justice to his role and delivered an exceptional performance. He was as charming as ever.

Shruti Haasan as Charuseela did her job perfectly. The lead pair had good on-screen chemistry and an interesting love track.

Jagapathi Babu was dignified as a very rich businessman and father. In fact, I am liking his recent dignified roles more than his earlier hero roles.

Music by Devi Sri Prasad was good and catchy. Almost all songs were impressive in picturization on big screen – especially ‘Jatha Kalise’ and ‘Charuseela’.

Director Siva Koratala proved yet again that he has the capability of portraying a simple story in very convincing manner. Kudos to him for selecting this story.

All credit goes to Mahesh Babu that the movie keeps you emotionally connected to story, so you never feel bored despite of watching a predictable story.

There are few dragging moments in between. And I did not quite like how the movie ended. Instead of Harsha killing villains to solve all problems, the story should have shown that Harsha motivated villagers to solve their own problems or collectively fight against villains. Anyway thats my personal opinion.

Forget about minor defects. I feel its a very good film and must watch. Its just that you should not expect to watch an end-to-end comedy entertainer.

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