Baahubali Movie Review


Baahubali Movie Review

Baahubali Movie Review

BAAHUBALI – THE BEGINNING – There is no doubt that Baahubali is the most awaited release ever in Telugu cinema history. Visionary filmmaker SS Rajamouli has proved his capability once again with Baahubali after his visually good movies like Magadheera & Eega.

Here are some positives to start with

+ Prabhas as Shivudu and Baahubali did justice to the role. His screen presence was very good and unmatchable for this role.

+ SS Rajamouli, like in all his previous movies, chose his villain perfectly. Rana Daggubati’s screen presence as Bhallala Deva was magnificent.

+ The performance by Satyaraj as slave warrior Kattappa (my favourite character from this movie) was commendable.

+ Ramya Krishna as Sivagami was elegant and deserves a special mention.

+ Prabhakar as the War Lord Kalakeya made strong impression.

+ Visual effects were on par with Hollywood level and the battle scenes for 30 minutes in second half were never seen before on Indian screen. Kudos to Rajamouli & Team for those 30 minutes.

+ Art director Sabu Cyril with his magnificent sets, and cinematographer KK Senthil Kumar were excellent.

+ Part-1 ends with a major twist that can be guessed by regular movie-goers, but it can surprise quite a few people.

Though these drawbacks do not lower the stature of the movie, let me honestly look at some faults.

Screenplay should have been tighter especially in first half.

There was a silly romantic track between Prabhas & Tamannah, and their unconvincing love story – the weakest of all Rajamouli’s love tracks.

Tamannah as Avanthika was gorgeous in songs but not quite convincing as the warrior.

The VFX work in Baahubali barring few scenes was more sophisticated than any other film in Indian cinema history. But the escape scene from an avalanche looked very artificial.

Both Prabhas & Rana were outstanding in war scenes, but their dialogue delivery could have been better – especially Rana’s. The dialogue delivery did not quite match the intensity in his eyes.

Anushka as Devasena played a vital character but her makeup as old woman was very artificial. Could have been much better.

Director of Rajamouli’s stature does not need a formula Item Song especially in a movie of this kind. The item song was irritating and felt out of place.

Shivudu lives in a very tropical climate zone with heavy water falls. When he meets Tamannah above the mountains, the place is full of snow, ice and even an Avalanche happens. But Mahishmati looks like a city built in an Egypt sort of setting. Not sure if there is a justification. I don’t think Mahishmati spans different climate zones.


Baahubali is not faultless – for that matter no movie is. But it is a movie that made Indian film industry proud. It has raised the bar of Indian cinema in terms of film making values. There is no other movie like it on Indian screen.

Despite some faults, I can watch it many times only for the battle scenes in second half & visual effects.

I feel everyone should watch it at least once in theatre irrespective of reviews, respecting the never-seen-before effort in Indian movie history.

It does not matter if our favourite movie stars are casted in this movie or not. Its ‘our’ movie. Go watch it on big screen.

Anyone who loves cinema must watch this magnum opus.

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