Baahubali Movie Release

Baahubali Movie Release (10th July 2015)

If this movie fulfills at least 50% of expectations, then its a splendid achievement by master storyteller Rajamouli. We hope that happens for the good of Indian movie industry to reach next level.

We have an issue with ticket prices going beyond the reach of commonman, and movie theatres exploiting the craze, but thats a different story.

Having said that, we feel everyone should watch it at least once in theatre irrespective of reviews, respecting the never-seen-before effort in Indian movie history.

It does not matter if our favourite movie stars are casted in this movie or not. Its ‘our’ movie. Go watch it… wishes Baahubali a huge success. Waited for this Friday so long…

Baahubali Movie Release

Baahubali Movie Release

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