After that day I never saw her again

Eventhough these are personal feelings of a person, thinks this is inspirational, so sharing with all. You can buy the below book if interested.

After That Day I Never Saw Her Again

After That Day I Never Saw Her Again

FYI – This is the story of my friend, Pavan Kumar Bhimavarapu (Arun Bhimavarapu), an upcoming novelist.

He recently released a novel, After That Day I Never Saw Her Again.

It started with great reviews and the sales chart is doing very well. But, that’s not the main reason I am writing this post. It’s something much deeper than that. I had known this guy from the last three years, when we used to be colleagues in TCS. I had never seen him without that smile on his face, even on the day when he suddenly resigned his job, without any specific reason. ‘I dont know… something here doesn’t feel right’ he said. ‘Such an idiot…’ – I thought.

My friends from his project told me that his family was a normal middle class one, but may be his father can send him money for his basic needs until he settles down somewhere else. And I never saw him in the office after that day.

It’s on the morning of a normal boring Sunday, on which I went to some grocery shopping, I saw him again in months. He’s working in the departmental store that I walked into. It took me minutes to convince myself that it’s him. I hesitated to go talk to him while he saw me from the distance and waved to me. I waved back. One simple wave, and that gave me a friend for life. An inspiration that never stopped surprising me.

I saw him take blows from life, one after the other. I saw him work part times to meet his daily expenses and write at nights. I saw him visit n number of production houses with scripts and being sent out with empty hands. I saw him deciding to write a novel and being rejected by publishing houses. I saw him deliver 60 shipments a day to collect money for self-publishing. I saw him sell his watch, a Titan sports edition that he bought with his first salary, to print flyers for the novel. I saw him distribute them to people near colleges and software companies. I saw him fight with all that he had, to reach what he love. But… I never saw him cry. Not even being low. I never saw him at least thinking to step back, even in the hardest times of life.

I still thank god for making me walk into that store that day. Without which i would have missed a friend like him – a compassionate and helpful one as he is. And I would have definitely missed my chance to tell the world those words he once told me.

“Learn either living life by your own terms, or waking up to a nightmare every day.”

Sandeepkumar Katakam about Arun Bhimavarapu

– You can buy the book here – After That Day… I Never Saw Her Again

After That Day I Never Saw Her Again

After That Day I Never Saw Her Again

About Arun Bhimavarapu

Arun Bhimavarapu is a screenplay writer, lyricist and an ex-software employee. He was born on 10th of November 1989, in Andhra Pradesh, India. He worked with TCS for two years, where his manager always complained that he was good at nothing but telling stories. So he resigned, to tell some. And here comes his first.

Today he lives in Hyderabad with his school time buddies and aspires to be a feature film writer. He strongly believes in dignity of labour, and he is even working as part-time delivery boy for Flipkart. So, if you order this book from Hyderabad, do not be surprised if the author himself delivers it to you.

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